Case Study: Rotating Equipment

A major oil refiner needed to conduct onsite surveys of a supplier in preparation for a major turnaround at one of their refineries. Their supplier fabricated a new Turbo Expander-- a critical component of the Fluidized Catalyst Cracking (FCC) Unit. During the fabrication, after the annealing process, one of the expander components developed cracks in the welds. This condition was not immediately reported to the oil refiner. A visit to the shop, which was not located in the United States, might have revealed the problem, but the scheduled visit was postponed.


The refiner contacted BAY Technical Associates. Our inspector immediately made international travel arrangements to visit the fabricator and he insisted on maintaining the original inspection schedule. It was only after BAY Technical's involvement in this project that the vendor informed the refinery customer about the cracked weld. The refinery also sent our inspector to verify the component's repair. The entire incident was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved.