API-certified Inspection Services of pressure vessels, process piping and above-ground storage tanks

Third Party QA/QC Inspection Services


QA/QC Inspections of New Construction and Repairs or Alterations to Existing Equipment

BAY Technical can serve as your Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) representative at the manufacturer, repair facility, or on-site to assure quality and compliance of your specific standards. BAY Technical maintains working relationships with several Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) organizations. This allows us to offer NDE services such as Infrared, Airborne Ultrasonic, Radiography, Ultrasonic, Liquid Penetrant, and Magnetic Particle, to name just a few.

Third Party Vendor Surveillance for Owner/Users, Contractors and Subcontractors

BAY Technical can represent the owner/user, contractors and subcontractors during fabrication and erection of specific projects. We can provide inspection to ensure contractual and codes/standards compliance during equipment fabrication or installation. We can also provide representation during repairs, alterations or maintenance activities.

Vendor Audits

BAY Technical can serve as a representative at the vendor location to ensure quality and compliance of fabrication specifications. We work with our clients to review quality manuals to insure the vendor is adhering to the manual prior to placement on an Approved Manufacturers List (AML). We can also consult directly with the vendors to prepare for audits.

Case Study: Rotating Equipment

A major oil refiner needed to conduct onsite surveys of a supplier in preparation for a major turnaround at one of their refineries. Their supplier fabricated a new Turbo Expander-- a critical component of the Fluidized Catalyst Cracking (FCC) Unit. During the fabrication, after the annealing process, one of the expander components developed cracks in the welds. This condition was not immediately reported to the oil refiner. A visit to the shop, which was not located in the United States, might have revealed the problem, but the scheduled visit was postponed.


The refiner contacted BAY Technical Associates. Our inspector immediately made international travel arrangements to visit the fabricator and he insisted on maintaining the original inspection schedule. It was only after BAY Technical's involvement in this project that the vendor informed the refinery customer about the cracked weld. The refinery also sent our inspector to verify the component's repair. The entire incident was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Case Study: Plant/Unit System Expansion

A leading US oil refinery needed to perform a QA/QC oversight on a multi-million dollar facility rework project. The specifications of the project required inspectors to visit manufacturing facilities across the United States and Europe, including Spain, Germany and Italy.


BAY Technical was called to oversee the global requirements and coordinate efforts between inspectors and engineers. We attended pre-fabrication alignment meetings with the fabricators and the inspectors who were following and reporting on the fabrication process. We worked directly with the project engineers to ensure the fabricators were performing as specified by our client. We also visited the international shops to assist the inspectors and assure that the components were being fabricated in accordance with the client's engineering requirements.

Case Study: Pressure Equipment

A chemical company needed to perform observation and oversight of a supplier for a new heat exchanger. Visual inspections of the welds and pressure boundary shell were conducted prior to the Hydrostatic leak test of the exchanger, but no other tests or examinations were conducted.


The company hired BAY Technical Associates for a more thorough look. During our inspection, we noted several deep grooves from removed welded alignment bars. Upon conferring with our client, it was determined that repairs were needed, and further Non-Destructive Examinations were needed to ensure the shell's structural integrity. The BAY Technical inspector informed the vendor of their client's request, remained on site until the repairs were complete and a successful Hydrostatic leak test was performed to meet code and our client's requirements.