Codes & Standards Inspection

Practically all materials and equipment have federal, state and local codes that mandate performance requirements. Violating codes in products and processes can result in hassles ranging from unscheduled plant shut-downs to incurring costly legal penalties. BAY Technical Associates is well known and respected for our expertise in conducting code-compliance inspections, including API 510, API 570, API 653, ASME Section VIII and ASME Section IX Welding Procedure Specifications. Interpreting and explaining the ASME standards and API codes is the core of our entire business.


  • API 510, API 570 and API 653 Inspections
  • Boiler Inspections and Pressure Vessel Inspections
  • Evaluation of Boilers for Continued Service and Repair Requirements
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Inspection Enhancement Capabilities
    • Ultrasonic Thickness (UTT) Measurements
    • Liquid Penetrant (PT) Examination
    • Visual Inspection (VT)
    • Infrared Examination
    • Airborne Ultrasonics (Examples: electrical arcing in closed panels or leaking steam traps)