API, ASME and NBIC Codes and Standards Consultation

BAY Technical Associates is well respected for our industry knowledge and experience. This provides clients with confidence in the decisions made based on our recommendations. Our key personnel are often called upon to speak with decision makers, be it for providing advice and consultation on ASME Standards, Shop Audits, or for providing expert testimony in legal cases.

Consulting Services

  • API, ASME and National Board Code Consultation
  • Review Welding Procedures and Nondestructive Examination Procedures for compliance with ASME Code and Client Specifications.
  • Assistance in Qualifying Welding Procedures and Welders
  • Assistance in Obtaining Owner/User Inspection and Repair Organization Authorization
  • Assistance in Developing Vendor Audit Programs
  • Assistance in Developing Vendor Surveillance Inspection Programs

Expert Witness Services

  • Expert Witness Consultation in the Areas of Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Piping Fabrication and Installation for Compliance with Codes and Standards.
    • Civil and Criminal Cases.
    • Plaintiffs and Defendants.